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A Place for Techies

Aetechlab (Aerospace Energy Technology Laboratory) is a laboratory for researching and developing future technologies that adapt to the present.


Within the development areas, several technologies are candidates for the Nobel Prize.


We cover aerospace, energy, electromagnetic, military defense, cybersecurity, communications, and robotic biotechnology engineering. In many of them, the developments are applicable or intertwined with each other since they are complementary.


We have a team of specialized engineers and scientists who, under the strictest confidentiality, can reach milestones within reach of very few institutions worldwide.

Under the most demanding safety conditions, the work environment is extraordinary; both in the work environment and in the mechanical environment, we create functional prototypes adapted to the future, not the present.

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The resource endowments are sustainable since each of the technologies is sustainable, given the economic cycle, we maintain. It is a model of financial efficiency with direct links with the sponsor of each development.

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